Here are a few select videos. More can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on this link.

This is a video clip of a performance that Catfish and his friends, Bruce and Phil, did at the University of Montana Performing Arts Center. ( 1991 )

Steady Rollin' Man - by Robert Johnson 
Catfish John - National Steel Guitar, Vocals 
Phil Hamilton - Harmonica 
Bruce Carlson - Guitar, Back-up vocals

Here's a song/video Catfish John did with his blues band. They were called "The Front Street Blues Band" and stayed together for about three years.  They played most of their gigs around Lahaina on Maui. This song was recorded in a club called "Ludwigs" that they played in regularly.

A couple of windsurfing videos

Catfish John and Friends doing an original song called "It's Only An Island".  The video shows John windsurfing at his favorite Maui beach called Kanaha.